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Division of Marital Property

North Carolina Marital Property Division Lawyer

In a divorce many people assume that equitable division of marital property means everything will be split equally. Regardless of what each spouse may believe they deserve, the marital property will be divided according to what is fair, not necessarily what is equal.

At the Winston-Salem family law office of Stroud & Panetti, P.C., we understand that divorce is a difficult and emotionally challenging time in people's lives. We have over 20 years of domestic law experience and help clients just like you manage expectations about property division and other divorce matters.

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Managing Unrealistic Expectations

Determining the fair division of marital property begins by putting your expectations aside. The courts will follow clearly defined procedures when dividing property, and if an intractable dispute develops, legal fees can easily exceed the value of your marital estate. Our goal is to help you protect the value of your share of marital property for the years ahead. We will help you understand how the courts define marital property and protect your right to a reasonable share.

Separate Property and Marital Property

Property division in a North Carolina divorce involves accurately identifying and valuing all assets at the date of separation. With certain exceptions, property acquired during the marriage is considered martial property subject to equitable distribution by the court.

The distribution of assets in a divorce is as unique as each marriage. Our experienced attorneys know how tangible property, such as homes, beach condos, cars, investments accounts, and other assets can be divided. We understand the value of intangible assets such as good will established by a family business. Together we can develop a plan that includes all eligible assets as well as debts.

Equitable Division of Debt

Dividing your marital property also means dividing marital debts. From outstanding credit card balances and unpaid medical bills to co-signed loans and other obligations, we will work to see that this often overlooked matter in a divorce is not missed during your divorce settlement.

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